Sagar Rajpoot


We are a new startup and it's been 2 months here. The working environment is good,the place is well maintained and clean and even we got some new leads from here, they organize small events here which helps not just us and others also who are in co-working to build new connections and rest Everything is good.

Abhishek Gupta

For me, Co-working (The Poshmind Spaces) is not just a workplace It's supposed to be an experience. An experience that is a synergy of a nice cozy environment and a friendly atmosphere. This place provides it all. Anyone can provide an AC or a coffee machine. I can confidently say that this place is like no other in this area. The moment you set foot into this place, you get a feel of what I am trying to say. It's not something that can be described in mere words. It is something to be experienced in person.

Ar. Kanistha Mandil

ABK Space Architect

Great Place to Work. Started with a monthly pass but bcoz of the nice ambiance and Friendly Co Occupants, we signed a deal for a full year. And yes not to miss is the comfort ad discounts they give to the females.

Gurpreet Singh

The overall experience is good here.we have a good and clean working environment here and also they organize small events here in the workspace on occasions which helps us to establish good and new connections with other people working here.